Prostate biopsy and inflammation

Written by Nick Brook.

Inflammation on a prostate biopsy may be linked to a lower prostate cancer risk in the future.

Inflammation on Prostate Needle Biopsy is Associated with Lower Prostate Cancer Risk: A Meta-Analysis. Journal of Urology, The, 2018-05-01, Volume 199, Issue 5, Pages 1174-1181

It is very common to find ‘inflammation’ on a prostate biopsy – 60-80% of biopsies may show this. It has long been debated whether inflammation is a risk factor for future prostate cancer and this has been unclear. This study was not a clinical study, but rather an examination of the medical literature for all studies reporting this finding.

The presence of inflammation was associated with a lower risk of finding subsequent prostate cancer in 25 studies. Both ‘acute’ and ‘chronic’ inflammation were associated with a reduction in prostate cancer risk.

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